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Regency – Trust Built Over Time!

Farmers and Collectors are carefully chosen to ensure they competently provide and maintain acceptable quality & safety controls of supplied products. Furthermore we communicate & undertake all activities and services in the most efficient & effective manner to maximize our clients satisfaction.

We also have the benefit of the latest processing, packing and cold storage facilities to support our extensive strengths in ingredients such as raisins and traditional herbs. As a result We are able to supply a wider range of goods while maintaining and at the same time maintain our pristine quality management ethos.

Additionally our traditions, strong connection with farmers at origin, and constantly improving tight quality controls are constantly improving. We commit to total customer satisfaction through quality goods, ensure prompt response and timely delivery of required quality and materials to customers. Ensuring all statutory and regulatory requirements of the food industry.

To guarantee top products to our customers, we ensure a unique combination of modernity with tradition from farm to processing, so that advanced technological innovation goes hand in hand with the traditional touch, ensuring nothing short of the finest quality reaches the customer. Our long standing relationship with farmers at origin plays a key role in achieving this objective.

Quality Policy
Our quality control procures covers all aspects – product/packaging specifications, farmer/collector control and evaluation, staff training, environment review, continuous improvement, total customer satisfaction, and audit. We follow a quality/safety plan that covers all process steps right from procurement of raw material to export of goods / dispatch of documents. Critical Control Points and Hazard are identified, and goods are checked at multiple stages.

All shipments require positive release/approval before being shipped, full backward traceability is maintained, samples are kept, and lab tests done as per specific requirements of the Order/Customer. Allergen contamination is controlled. Pesticide Residue / Heavy Metals tested explicitly for each batch requiring such tests. Ethical Trade Practices are followed – forced/illegal labour is not allowed, fair prices given to farmers, and meticulous attention to given to fulfillment of legal requirements.

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