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Quality Raisins. Naturally the best

Our facility is the leader & pivotal cornerstone in the history of processing Indian Raisins. Here are some facts about our history with Raisins in India: -

Mid 1980s – Indian farmers in Maharashtra were using fallen / unripe grapes for raisin processing, production was less them 100mt

1988: - We entered the Indian raisins business, personally visiting farmers & processors providing guidance & support.

We undertook sales guarantees and signed a 200mt single contract, this project was supported by state government. We encouraged Indian farmers to use advanced grape drying technology for better quality, soon production reached 1000mt

Regency played a crucial role in the development of the Indian Raisins industry in the 80’s and 90’s.

2002:- Raisins produced In Maharashtra is exempted from VAT

Now: - Production has crossed 150,000mt

Our long lasting relationships we share with are instrumental in sourcing the finest quality of Raisins. But above all it is our passion for Raisins & its extensive benefits that drives us towards excellence. Our Raisins, sun-dried Thomson Seedless Raisins, are sweetly flavored with a wrinkled texture and are available in different sizes and colors

Today Maharashtra accounts for nearly 75% of total production and the highest productivity in the country. Regency, based in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is ideally located to procure, control and export Indian Raisins.

The Processing Unit
Our Raisins are washed & processed using latest technology from Turkey & Belgium. De-stoner & stem removing machines have also been installed. Additionally,our Raisins passes through Laser Sorting Machine (which also minimizes cap-stem berries). When demanded, we also undertake 100% hand-sorting of Raisins

Specification of Raisins
Colour as per description
Size as per description
Natural taste & smell of grapes
Moisture max 15%
Admixture max 0.5%
Broken Berries max 0.3%
Damaged Raisins (m/m) – Max 2%
Stems (including cap stems) max 0.3%
Sulphites - As stated in contract
Colour contamination – Absent
Lead (Pb) Max 0.10ppm
Sugared Raisins (m/m) – Max 1%
Total Plate Count – Not more than 40000/gm
E-coli – < 10 cfu/g *
Salmonella Absent in 25g
Shelf life – 1 year in Cold Storage at 6 to 8 degree Celsius

Item Grade Size Berries /100gm


Black Raisins

Choice Grade 1
Standard Grade 1

120 to 140

Brown Raisins

Choice Grade 1
Normal 230 to 250


Dark Brown Raisins


Standard Grade 1


230 to 250
150 to 160
110 to 120

Golden / Yellow Golden Raisins Standard Grade 1
Choice Grade 1
250 to 270
Green Raisins Choice Grade
Standard Grade 1
Round 190 to 200

* Packing as per buyer requirement.

* Quantity 19 mt/20'.

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